• Christina Oxford

    Christina Oxford

  • Eduardo Rojas

    Eduardo Rojas

  • Zahid Raja

    Zahid Raja

    Swansea University MSc candidate - Social Research Methods. Work part time in a pharmacy. Loves politics, higher education, and comms: zahidraja.co.uk

  • Kristina Louise

    Kristina Louise

    global health | humanitarian assistance | refugees | HIV & LGBTI issues | human rights | boba tea | travel | yoga | music | naps | Tweets? → Mine.

  • fredhersch


    Global health, medicine, technology, life

  • Umesh


  • Eric Hoffman

    Eric Hoffman

    Raised in MI but have lived in DC longer. Dad to 2. PR pro in public affairs and corp. comm. Love basketball, policy, family, friends and interesting stuff.

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