A ‘devil’s choice’: balancing childhood immunisation with preparing for COVID-19

Barbara has worked as a nurse with MSF for over eleven years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.
© Alexis Huguet/MSF/ Joseph Drobho Giria holds his two-year-old daughter, Bhileru Drobho, who suffers from measles, in the measles unit run by MSF at Biringi Hospital, Ituri Province, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on 06 November 2019
© Gabriele Francois Casini/ Health staff at the Al Sabah hospital in Juba, South Sudan attend a training supported by MSF ahead of the expected arrival of COVID-19 patients.

Vaccines saves lives. And I don’t say that because a modelling study told me so, but because I have seen it again and again in the eleven years I have been working in this field.



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